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Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Strategic Monitoring Goes Hand-in-Hand with Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) can have significant environmental and operational benefits, but to fully gauge the success of GSI projects — and to meet reporting requirements — it’s important to incorporate specific monitoring strategies to assess functionality, enhance performance and...

Adapting Stormwater Design Standards to Meet Future Community Needs

Today’s stormwater design standards are basic and simplistic, focusing solely on rerouting stormwater runoff away from built environments. But this strategy may be passing the risk of flooding downstream in addition to creating more significant and costly problems for downstream communities.

Optimize Existing Infrastructure Before Installing More

Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is not to start from scratch but instead make the most of what you already have.

The Building Blocks of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design

Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) has an important job: to reduce and treat stormwater at its source. To do that job, it must be designed with the right components to capture, filter and store stormwater properly. The design must also include features that protect its integrity and promote its...

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Filters into Municipal Planning

Few people give much thought to where a raindrop goes after it falls from the sky, but stormwater management can have powerful environmental and operational implications for municipalities across the country.

Changing the Perception of Water Reuse

For most of human history, running out of water was a real risk, and one that wasn’t easily ignored. When your next glass of water or the ability to irrigate your crops comes from the local well or river, it’s hard to forget water is a finite resource. As Ben Franklin put it, “When the well is dry,...

Drought Mitigation Helps Secure Future Water Resources

Many communities across America don’t spend time imagining a day without water and what effect that would have. However, long-term drought has made this frightening scenario far too close to reality. As a result, many residents are well aware of the consequences.

Tight Water Resources Require Industrial Users to Plan, Invest

When you think of industry, whether oil and gas, manufacturing or any other sector, water doesn’t immediately come to mind. It’s rarely a major component of what is being produced — often, it isn’t even an ingredient. Yet it’s essential to the ongoing operations of virtually all plants and...

Water Resources Are Precious — and Our Kids Know It

Water is a resource that every organism needs to survive. It is crucial for life’s advancements and our health, which is why it’s important to educate our kids about conservation of water resources.

Understanding the Value — and Importance — of Water Resources

To me, the goal of the Imagine a Day Without Water Campaign is to remind people how precious our water resources are — and just how much water affects our daily lives. Nowhere is that more evident than in our nation’s heartland.

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