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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Utilizing Drones to Maximize Efficiency and Safety on Spills

Effective and safe emergency response to oil and chemical spills is highly dependent on access to information — specifically, aerial photography of the incident site. Such photography provides critical information regarding the incident’s size, scope and potential threats to human health and the...

Drones Elevate Efficiency for Building Owners

As with most emerging technologies, it often takes time to identify and embrace the possibilities of how new tools will impact operations. This has been the case for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, and for building owners and...

Data Mining at Mines Using UAVs

To the lay person, a picture is worth a thousand words. To mining industry leaders, UAV footage could be worth thousands of dollars in operational cost savings. Photographs — specifically aerial photographs obtained by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — provide critical information and...

Deploying UAVs for Efficient Power Restoration and Outage Prevention

The electric grid is constantly exposed to severe storm elements such as high winds, lightning strikes, flooding and wildfire. Even when storms subside, grid components are subject to the long-term impacts of aging facilities, vegetation overgrowth and equipment failure. Preventing environmental...

Remote Pilot Aircraft Training Center Prepares Next Gen Flight Crews

Since the initial development and use of drones in the early 2000s, the Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) program within the U.S. Air Force has grown rapidly. Today, the Air Force trains more RPA pilots than conventional pilots, generating a need for new training facilities. At Holloman Air Force...

Augmented Tracking Promises Improved Material Management, Construction Safety

Major construction projects are massive undertakings involving thousands of parts and materials. Keeping an eye on the countless details is critical to safe, effective work and positive outcomes.

Can Smart Glasses Make Construction Sites Safer?

Builders serious about improving their construction safety records may soon be asking workers to trade in their current safety glasses for a new, “smarter” pair.

Better Data Collection Tools Can Hasten Emergency Response

When a pipeline leaks or power lines go down, timing becomes critical. The faster the response, the better contained the problem will be. Whether it’s a relatively routine problem or the result of a significant natural disaster — such as a tornado or hurricane — effective emergency response...

Augmented Reality Meets Asset Management: This Changes Everything

To understand how augmented reality (AR) and smart glasses could transform the business of asset management services, consider what happens when an important piece of equipment unexpectedly malfunctions at a factory or power substation.

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