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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Considering Automation for the New Normal

The new normal for operating in the workplace will likely look different as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s unknown exactly what that future holds, many businesses may need to consider implementing different processes in order to abide by new rules and regulations.

Safety Is First: Best Practices for Safely Returning to the Workplace

After months of self-isolation and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the country is now looking for ways to make returning to normalcy effective and safe. And one of the main questions on everyone’s mind is, “How do we go back to the workplace?”

Preparing for a Changing Future for the Supply Chain

With crucial manufacturing sectors facing shutdowns and cities going on lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted markets, causing organizational leaders to reevaluate operations from a risk perspective. Many critical products, such as personal protective equipment and active pharmaceutical...

Food Distributors Face Pandemic Challenges

With the at-home food supply demand growing rapidly in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, grocery stores and other points of the food supply are facing difficulties under the strain. Food suppliers have the capacity to prepare for seasonal demands, such as candy at Halloween or turkeys at...

Daring to ‘Dream Big’ for the Future

Seeing your dreams writ large on the big screen can be inspirational.

Building “Impenetrable” Cybersecurity Systems With Penetration Testing

Utilities often focus on offline or passive methods of assessing and protecting their systems. Being able to analyze configurations and evaluate access control lists is a worthwhile pursuit, and it does give utilities a sense of how secure individual systems are at a specific point in time.

Using Asset Health to Assist in Grid Planning

When you think of asset health, you may not instantly make a connection between its uses and the efforts of utilities to develop grid planning processes. However, utilities can easily apply the benefits to track the condition of components and equipment related to the distribution of power to...

Using Technology to Advance Grid Planning, Design and Operation

The transmission and distribution of power from generation to customer requires a jigsaw puzzle of physical assets. Keeping track of these assets and the data related to each is increasingly challenging, especially for a utility with hundreds of substations and thousands of miles of lines.

Guard Against Cybersecurity Risks by Understanding Weaknesses

It’s not easy to protect something you don’t know you have. And yet, many power utilities have been attempting to do just that for years.

As Combustion Turbines Get Bigger, Black Start Units Follow Suit

Conceptually speaking, today’s black start units are not fundamentally different from the vintage units they are replacing. Most still depend on diesel generators to bring an electric power generation plant back online after a widespread outage.

Secrets of a Successful Black Start Installation

Adding black start capabilities to a power generating station is not a typical retrofit. It means adding an alternate, new way of doing something — like starting offline gas turbines — to the method the power station has relied upon since its original construction.

Drought Mitigation Helps Secure Future Water Resources

Many communities across America don’t spend time imagining a day without water and what effect that would have. However, long-term drought has made this frightening scenario far too close to reality. As a result, many residents are well aware of the consequences.

Malware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure Security Are Growing

Over the past several years, the world has seen an increase in the use of malware to directly and maliciously affect critical infrastructure. In 2012, a piece of malware known as Shamoon was used to overwrite the hard drives of some 30,000 computers at Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian national...

Low-Impact Requirements: Counting Down to Enforcement of CIP-003-6

Sept. 1, 2017, marked the start of the one-year countdown to enforcement of the CIP-003-6 low-impact requirements covering Physical Security Controls and Electronic Access Controls. While an entire year might seem like a long time, meeting that deadline still could be a challenge for some.

Augmented Reality Meets Asset Management: This Changes Everything

To understand how augmented reality (AR) and smart glasses could transform the business of asset management services, consider what happens when an important piece of equipment unexpectedly malfunctions at a factory or power substation.

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