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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

How Big Data Drives Transportation Spending

Many of us are aware of the nation’s infrastructure troubles. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives it a D+ on its most recent Infrastructure Report Card. At the current pace of repair, it will take 80 years to restore the country’s deteriorating bridges, according to the American Road...

Keeping Up With the Evolution of E-Commerce Consumption

As shopping habits have changed, consumers have been conditioned to receive their online orders within one to two days. The evolution of e-commerce is driving the need for more labor, but with a lack of labor in this industry, factories are looking for advanced technologies to continue to...

Utilities Key in Bringing Broadband to America’s Last Remaining Mile

Providing broadband internet to the 25 million Americans who still lack access to it may be easier than we think.

Using Technology to Manage Our Vital Water Resources

Municipalities and utilities face rising needs and shifting demands as water supplies evolve across the country. As these needs continue to burden resources, technology will be critical to help make timely and cost-effective solutions for infrastructure under enormous pressure.

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