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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Successful Means Safe: Mitigating Risk During a Health Crisis

If history has shown our industry anything, it’s that the need for critical infrastructure doesn’t disappear with added risk. The continuously developing COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the stability of the economy and many of the industries we serve. But construction projects — and the workers...

EPC Project Delivery Offers Stability During Pandemic

Even in a pandemic — perhaps especially in a pandemic — critical infrastructure construction projects must go on. As difficult as life-altering pandemic conditions are to manage, they would be even more so without reliable supplies of power, water and other basic services.

Cloud-Based Systems Stand Ready for Seamless Project Delivery Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Utility leaders and employees are balancing many concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic, ranging from their health and well-being all the way to their ability to continue operations and core business functions impacted by what’s happening now and whatever comes next.

Dispelling the Fear of EPC Project Delivery

It can be difficult for pipeline project owners to determine which delivery method is best suited for specific project needs. One approach to consider is engineer-procure-construct (EPC) project delivery.

EPC Is Accelerating Its Impact on the Transportation Industry

In private industry, owners recognize that being nimble in their design and procurement processes can yield great cost savings and schedule improvements. To achieve these benefits, they have adopted design-build delivery strategies such as engineer-procure-construct (EPC).

Tackling Job Site Challenges with the Advantages of Modularization

In today’s competitive business environment, oil and gas projects often must be completed on compressed schedules and in less-than-ideal conditions — tight footprints, reduced labor availability and elevated work requirements. These challenges can create schedule delays, negative project cost...

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