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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Robust Energy Analysis Will Be Crucial for Future of Electrification

California is literally and figuratively charging ahead by setting lofty sustainability-related goals, which can be achieved through electrification initiatives.

Deploying America’s Electrified Bus Fleets

From King County Metro in Washington state to LA Metro and Foothill Transit in California, transit agencies along the West Coast are spearheading the electrification of bus fleets. Whether implementing pilot programs or exploring full-scale deployment, fleet electrification is on the rise. The...

Rethinking the Parking Lot: Electric Vehicles Could Power Microgrids

As the adoption of electric vehicles grows, so does the potential to create microgrids that can unlock energy alternatives for businesses and communities, essentially turning parking lots into small power plants.

Get Ready: Electrification Is Real and It’s Coming Your Way

If you’re wondering if the electrification of the automotive industry is really, truly a thing, here is your answer: YES. 

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