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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Strong Work Ethic and Passion-Driven Career Key for Success

For me, finding my passion for a career was an evolving process. Growing up on a farm, where hard work was an expectation, I learned at a young age the value of a strong work ethic over pure skill or talent alone. Armed with the desire to help others, I considered becoming either a doctor or...

Each Project Is a Unique Experience

I would describe myself as an adventurer who thrives on challenge and growth. This personality trait has translated well in my career as an engineering and construction project manager, and in dealing with the complex issues that come with seeing a project through from conception to completion....

Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in the Energy Industry

From my early days delineating wetlands and designing mitigation sites to offset wetland impacts to my current role managing projects and leading the Natural and Cultural Resources Technical Services Team, I’ve established trusted partnerships with colleagues and clients to achieve project success.

Pay It Forward: An Engineer’s Journey to a Better Tomorrow

Throughout childhood, I was often found tinkering with the old radios and transmitters my grandfather had around the house. When it was time to start my bachelor’s studies, I found myself wanting to be close to science and choose between medicine and engineering. That’s when I settled into the idea...

Building a Strong Foundation

For me, my path to becoming an engineer started early.

Bridging Cultural Gaps

Growing up in India and southern Africa, my career path was shaped by the world around me. A desire to help provide basic services to the poor was a primary motivator. I had an affinity for science, and my father was a structural engineer. So, when it came time for me to pick a career, I tried to...

Gender and Cultural Diversity Lead to Better Design-Build/EPC Results

Engineering is a male-dominated field. However, as women are increasingly finding their way into STEM careers and on up to the C-suite, alternative project delivery teams, including design-build/engineer-procure-construct (EPC), also are becoming more diverse.

Attention, Women in STEM Careers: Mentoring Matters!

As more studies roll in regarding women in leadership, it's becoming clear that female empowerment isn't just good for women, it's good for everyone.

Inspired by Family, Driven by Success

Possessing a strong disposition toward science and mathematics wasn’t all that drove me to attain a career in engineering. I was actually born right alongside the family civil engineering business.

Daring to ‘Dream Big’ for the Future

Seeing your dreams writ large on the big screen can be inspirational.

Engineering Careers: Role Models, Right at Home

Your family doesn’t determine your career. But when it came to my professional calling, I didn’t have to look far for inspiration.

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