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Amplified Perspectives

Today’s trending topics explored by key industry leaders.

Investing in a Post-Pandemic Future

The COVID-19 crisis has forced everyone, including our public agencies, to face new and unexpected challenges. Our communities are learning, adapting and innovating every day. One day, hopefully soon, our world will appear more like it did before the pandemic, but we will be changed. With possible...

Guiding the Management of Organizational Change

Change management refers to the many approaches used to prepare and support a business in making organizational change. Unfortunately, it’s usually associated with convincing people to shift from where they are to somewhere they don’t necessarily want to be. The entire concept is predicated on the...

Transportation Planning Must Head in New Directions

You can’t get the right answers if you’re asking the wrong questions. So to get the answers our cities need to plan their roadways’ futures, those of us involved in transportation planning must start asking different questions.

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